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> On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 10:54:13AM +0800, 姜宇 (Anthony Jiang) wrote:
> > After reading part of Fedora docs,  I see that there is no page
> explaining
> > parameters in ifcfg-wlan0 file just as ifcfg-eth0 does.
> > And I would like to add a page in docs explaining those parameters( such
> as
> > ESSID, CHANNEL, MODE..) in Networking chapter.
> Is this the User's Guide?  The best way to get something added is to grab
> the source (located at and file a bug in
> bugzilla ( with a patch that includes your
> added text.
> I checked it again.  In Fedora 14 and 15, it's in the Deployment Guide,
Chapter 4 and Chapter 6, respectively. Both named Interface Configuration
File.   In Fedora 16, it's in the System Administrators Guide. Only
ifcfg-eth0 exists, and I wish to add a page for ifcfg-wlan0.
Anyway, I would file a bug in bugzilla, download the source and work out a
patch later.

> >
Have you gone through the steps for joining the Docs project (
> Yes, I've read through the steps. And I would start killing open bug.
Could anyone sponsor me on that?

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