Wish to join the docs-publishers FAS group…

Steve Gordon sgordon at redhat.com
Thu Nov 17 18:33:09 UTC 2011

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> From: "Kévin Raymond" <shaiton at fedoraproject.org>
> … and therefore joining your group!
> Referring to the probably new doc publishing process, I would like to
> be a member of the docs-publishers in order to be able to fully
> handle
> French docs publication (and why not others if manpower needed).
> I am on this for list mostly to report bug at the begining… Never
> really sent introduction. But I am sure that you all have already
> read
> an annoying bug report there on the mailing list from me, or get one
> from BZ. Now I am joining the party to handle some ticket for you!
> Quick intro:
> Here am I, a new French contributor (since 2010), Fedora user since
> FC6-Fedora 7, and contributing to a really wide area in the FP.
> I started as translator and ambassador, joined the Websites team to
> manage L10n, and for few months now, checking docs with you, also
> concerning L10n.
> As one of the French translators coordinator, I would be happy to
> take
> in charge the French docs in docs.fpo.
> I know BZ, Git and have some basics about Publican/DocBook.
> wiki/User:Shaiton
> Fas name:shaiton

Hi all,

I almost wrote a very similar email myself yesterday. As some of you know I am already in the docs-writer group and attend the docs meetings (at least when I remember to ;)) though my actual contributions to the guides/release notes/beats have fairly minimal. I do however work heavily with publican in $DAY_JOB and although I know the Fedora docs publishing process is different to the one I am used to using (in terms of the technical mechanism) this is a task I feel I could assist with for guides and/or languages where we do not have users who are as comfortable with the task at hand. I am in an out of bugzilla all day during the week, again mainly for $DAY_JOB, and am in the process of getting used to git...

Fas name:sgordon



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