Proposal for a new process for publishing Fedora docs translations

Kévin Raymond shaiton at
Tue Nov 22 14:37:04 UTC 2011

> My opinion is that the process must be automated like fpo main site. Manual publishing is slowly and unreliable:
> - changes in Release notes, made two weeks ago, are not published yet, even in English
> - I filed a bug against Burning Iso Images and Live Images. Still waiting.
> - There are previously translated in BG docs that I changed 3m2w ago, but changes does not applied.

If we do that, we need to send build error through emails. That would
probably use an other fas group, in order to avoid flooding mailing
lists. Like we have on the websites.
The rebuild could be daily (or weekly).

The real question is now, do we really need a human do build them?
This process is still useful in order to set guide as published (when
translators feels ready).

> I know, this may not be easy, but this is the way, I think.
> Regards!
> Valentin Laskov

Kévin Raymond

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