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On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 6:10 PM, Petr Kovar <pkovar at> wrote:

> Hi Fedora docs translators and writers,
> After a discussion with shaiton following today's Fedora docs meeting, I
> propose to formalize the process of publishing Fedora docs translations.
> Currently, we don't have in place a formal process for publishing docs
> translations. This means that we don't make it clear enough to our guide
> owners and translators what and when should be published.
> The proposal is to create a new Bugzilla component and a group of
> default assignees for publishing translations to
> The group is consisted of members of the docs-publishers group (and
> possibly also other people interested).
> To get the translations published, Fedora translators are first required to
> file a bug against the proposed component. This applies to any translation
> of any document hosted on Then the members of the
> proposed group resolve the bug by publishing the requested translation.
> By using Bugzilla for the purposes of publishing translations, we can
> easily keep track of what translations the translators actually want to
> publish, at what time, and who is working with translators on publishing
> the
> translations.
> This makes the whole publishing process much more transparent.
> At the same time, we satisfy the demand from some of our community members
> to integrate the Bugzilla tool more deeply into our docs workflow.
> To reduce a maintenance burden for individual docs owners, translators
> don't
> file a bug directly against the relevant guide component in the Fedora
> Documentation product.
> This requires each of the Fedora translation teams to have at least one
> member communicating with the proposed docs publishers group in Bugzilla.
> However, translators don't have to learn new tools and rather complex
> processes specifically for Fedora docs, like working with Git, setting up
> an
> environment for syncing translations between and Git, or
> publishing to with Publican.
> This proposal doesn't necessarily affect the translation teams that
> are already publishing their docs translations. They can continue with
> their existing workflow if it suits them and they have the manpower to do
> so. In other words, this proposed process is completely optional for them.
> Your comments, thoughts, or ideas are most welcome!

Your proposal is *not bad at all*, but I guess we should strongly
consider an automated process for publishing docs too, as Valentin

This problem of deployment of docs is an issue that remains since I was
an active member of the pt_BR team and used to work on Relnotes and
TQSG several :) years ago. Once in a while manpower is a problem, so
we can be safer (always updated) if we don't require much manual

The Websites team already does it. We should try to see what they have
done and implement the 'same' procedures. AFAIK we would need to add
just some extra steps because of Publican, but it shouldn't be a big deal.
We just need to have a well written script.

The builds could run everyday and we could choose to publish only docs
above a percentage of completion, if wanted. Errors on builds could be
sent to people in a specific group, just like as the Website team does. This
is the only case where a manual intervention would be required, but it
not happen too often. When whenever needed someone could just go and
run a single command to publish a single doc.

# all docs
./ --minimum-perc 80

# release-notes docs
./ release-notes --minimum-perc 80

# release-notes docs in pt-BR
./ release-notes --minimum-perc 80 --lang pt-BR

BTW this sounds like I nice stuff to get done in the next FUDCon. :)

My 0.002 cents.

Diego Búrigo Zacarão
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