Docs Website Broken

Steve Gordon sgordon at
Fri Nov 25 18:45:47 UTC 2011

> Hi all,
> Just looking at this now I can see that this was caused by my earlier
> commit. I am in the process of rolling this back now (via 2 fresh
> commits, 1 to revert each set of changes) to get back to the
> previous state (commit 101de22af4ab426ff797b0ce01f0fd4192e65461),
> apologies for the trouble.
> I will investigate further into *why* these changes occurred in my
> commit in the morning. It's obvious from the diffs why this has
> broken the site, but I can't see how my copy ended up in this state
> from a fresh checkout of web.git and the instructions I followed
> (
> -Steve

Worked it out, it seems when I did the publican install I used:

    publican install_book --site_config /home/sgordon/Source/web/homepage.cfg --lang en-US/

instead of:

    publican install_book --site_config /home/sgordon/Source/web/homepage.cfg --lang en-US

The presence of the trailing slash seems to throw some of the logic in publican off which is why for instance English ended up being listed in the drop down twice. The Muscian's guide then showed up as the only one translated to the user's selected language because the default selection was the 'en-US/' entry for English. The Musician's Guide of course is the only one that shows up as due to my typo it is the only one available in the language 'en_US/' (as opposed to 'en-US').

Fun times. Now that I've worked this out cleaning it up was fairly easy, testing locally the menu structure looks correct (wish I had thought to link the web.git checkout into my httpd setup yesterday...). I have pushed again, the site has now updated and:

- Still has the correct menu structure.
- Shows updated en-US version of the Musician's Guide!

Really sorry for all the trouble on this guys, lessons learned on my side. I have also filed a bug around the input validation of the language parameter. [1].



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