Two questions for Fedora translators

Daniel Cabrera logan at
Mon Sep 5 15:10:49 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-09-05 at 01:04 +0200, Petr Kovar wrote:
> Hi Fedora translators!
> Could you guys please confirm that the following language mapping list
> for the Fedora docs includes correct language and region codes?
> lang_map = aln:aln-AL, ar:ar-SA, as:as-IN, bal:bal-PK, bg:bg-BG,
> bn:bn-BD, bn_IN:bn-IN, bs_BA:bs-BA, ca:ca-ES, cs:cs-CZ, da:da-DK,
> de_CH:de-CH, de:de-DE, el:el-GR, en_GB:en-GB, es:es-ES, fa:fa-IR, fi:fi-FI,
> fr:fr-FR, gu:gu-IN, he:he-IL, hi:hi-IN, hr:hr-HR, hu:hu-HU, id:id-ID,
> is:is-IS, it:it-IT, ja:ja-JP, kn:kn-IN, ko:ko-KR, lt:lt-LT, mai:mai-IN,
> ml:ml-IN, mr:mr-IN, ms:ms-MY, nb:nb-NO, nds:nds-DE, nl:nl-NL, nn:nn-NO,
> or:or-IN, pa:pa-IN, pl:pl-PL, pt_BR:pt-BR, pt:pt-PT, ro:ro-RO, ru:ru-RU,
> si:si-LK, sk:sk-SK, sl:sl-SI, sq:sq-AL, sr:sr-RS, sr at latin:sr-Latn-RS,
> sv:sv-SE, ta:ta-IN, te:te-IN, tr:tr-TR, uk:uk-UA, ur:ur-PK, vi:vi-VN,
> zh_CN:zh-CN, zh_HK:zh-HK, zh_TW:zh-TW

Hi Petr, 
Mapping for es:es-ES seems fine.

> To reduce maintenance burden on the Fedora guide owners, I'd like to come
> up with a sort of canonical mapping list that could be shared between
> multiple guides, branches and repositories. 

On Mon, 2011-09-05 at 12:14 +0100, Miloš Komarčević wrote:
On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 12:04 AM, Petr Kovar <pkovar at> wrote:
> As per BCP 47, I would again like to propose dropping the region codes
> altogether unless they are absolutely needed for regional
> differentiation (pt-BR vs. pt-PL etc.), as many languages span country
> borders. From [1]:

+1 From the Spanish team.

> On another note, I was wondering what is Fedora translators' opinion on
> not publishing docs translations that are below a certain threshold level,
> say 15% or 25%?
> I realized it would be worth asking you translators while I was working on
> updating POT files and syncing translations for the Deployment Guide, since
> the most complete translation for this guide is currently at ca. 10%.
> I know that translators can publish their translated documents themselves,
> if they want to and have been added to the right permission group,
> anyway. I'm however not sure how many people in the Fedora translation teams
> actually do this.
> I'm CC'ing the Fedora docs list on this message.

Before the transition to we (the translation teams) were able to
publish our translated versions of the guides. Perhaps this still is the
best way for ease everyone's work, and in addition each team may use its
own criteria on how and when to publish the guides. Eric made a wiki
page in order to visualize which team is publishing [2]. 
If we want to keep working like this in, we may need updated
instructions here [3], and a link to the proper git repository in each
guide on to now from where to clone it.
I remember Kevin offered himself to publish guides for any team that
needed it, and of course you can count with me too.  


Daniel Cabrera (es)

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