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Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at redhat.com
Mon Aug 6 00:06:17 UTC 2012

Hi guys -- for any of you not on the Publican mailing list, you might 
want to take a look!

We originally intended to build a test site with a large selection of 
Fedora books, but it turns out there's:

1. a lot of broken stuff checked into the repos of various books; 
particularly translations

2. a lot of poorly-formatted Revision Histories, which Publican 3.0 
spits out because it's much stricter about enforcing rpmlint standards 
on the packages it produces

This means it's likely there's a lot of one-off pain in cleaning up 
various books in various languages when we eventually move to packaging 
books and maintaining the site with RPMs. It won't affect books on the 
current site when Publican 3.0 hits the repos though.

Feedback most welcome, either here or on Publican list!


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Hi, I've finally had the opportunity to put up demo sites for Publican
3. We were expecting to have a large demo site with the Fedora books on
it, but that hasn't been possible, so I've redone my Fedora People site
with both styles.

We now support two web styles, the original web style 1 layout and a new
web style 2. P3 does require all books and splash pages to be rebuilt.
This is due to abstracting the web style from the HTML, the goal being
you can build the books once and switch the site between web styles
without rebuilding the books. We've also stopped shipping the brands in
the books, so brand updates can be applied without rebuilding books.

You can see the jazzed up web style 1 here:

You can see the new web style 2 here:

Cheers, Jeff.

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