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John J. McDonough wb8rcr at
Mon Aug 20 15:37:43 UTC 2012

On Mon, 2012-08-20 at 19:49 +0800, Christopher Meng wrote:
> What should I do if I want to participate?

The entire process also came up in the meeting.

One thing that needs to be done before recruiting beat writers, and can
be done right away, is to clear out the existing beats and put the beat
open template in them.  This is kind of grunty, but can be done any time
before the beat writers are recruited.  Also, the table of beats needs
to be cleaned up for the new release.

The root of all beats is at 

Next step is to review the schedule and translate it into something that
can be followed, and can be used to track progress.  I've done this on

The "official" schedule is pretty good, it has been cycled through a lot
of times, but there are items that really are for other teams but Docs
needs to shepherd, and there are a couple of items still missing, which
are on the wiki page.

Looks like the little program I use for making the calendar images isn't
in git, I thought it was.  I'll fix that.  That looks like an
application that ought to be packaged, even.  But the code is pretty
ugly, needs plenty of love before it gets into a package.

NOW, the recruiting of beat writers can be started.  The
page is pretty good for helping the beat writers.

Beyond that is is basically following the schedule.  The Alpha release
notes are imminent, but they are pretty simple business. Pick a few key
items from the features page and put them on a wiki page.

It helps to seed the beats with the features.

The main part of the job is following up on beats with no beat writer,
or where the content is kind of weak and needs some help.

The first conversion is generally done by mw-render, and it goes pretty
well.  There are a few touch-ups needed to the mw-render output, but
nothing too tough.

The communication with L10n needs to be constant.


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