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Thu May 24 15:56:13 UTC 2012

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On 05/23/2012 10:32 PM, Ruediger Landmann wrote:
> On 05/24/2012 09:27 AM, Ben Cotton wrote:
>> It seems like a good candidate for being hosted outside of git. 
>> Perhaps we could get some space on fedorahosted.org for the
>> files?
> That would (kinda) solve the problem for now; but the deeper
> underlying problem is that I think we're reaching the limit of what
> we can sensibly do with Git :)
> This was only ever a stop-gap mechanism while we implemented
> proper packaging for the docs; unfortunately, like many systems
> that work "well enough", we never got to replacing it.
> Personal admission: it was actually my personal goal during my year
> on the board to make this happen, but I never got to it ;)
> So: what do we need?
> 1. I think the procedural obstacles to getting every writer and 
> translator access to Koji are probably bigger than we want to
> handle. We therefore need to stand up a build system of our own.
> Ideally, this would be a Koji instance of our own: the benefit of
> Koji is that it insulates the build process very well from issues
> that might be specific to people's own machines. If that's too much
> work to pull off in the short term, we should simply create a build
> server with current publican and publican-fedora installed on it,
> and access granted to anyone in the docs-publishers group. Packages
> built on this machine would be placed in a repo.
> 2. We would need to modify the staging server that currently pulls
> our docs.git to instead install packages built on the build
> server.
> I think that if we pull together, we should be able to get this up
> and running reasonably soon. Who's interested in collaborating on a
> project like this?
> Cheers Rudi

I spoke with Dennis Gilmore this morning about getting a separate koji
instance for Docs.  Looks like doing this will be a lot easier than
what we were thinking:

<Sparks> What would be required to stand up a separate instance of
koji for Docs?
<dgilmore> Sparks: why would you want a seperate instance?
<dgilmore> Sparks: i dont see any valid reason to do so
<Sparks> dgilmore: For the Docs website.  Publican has the ability
publish documentation from packages (separate repo from the Fedora
repo) for the website.  We want to replace the git repo that operates
it now.
<dgilmore> Sparks: and why does that need a seperate koji?
<Sparks> The git repo has gotten HUGE and is becoming an issue.
<dgilmore> Sparks: so, why does that mean a seperate koji instance
<dgilmore> Sparks: we could use a seperate tag and targets in koji
<dgilmore> i dont see why it would need its own koji
<Sparks> dgilmore: It's either that or try to get everyone setup as
<dgilmore> Sparks: get everyone setup as packagers
<Sparks> dgilmore: Except that they really won't be packagers.
<dgilmore> Sparks: though you dont need to be a a packager to get a
koji cert
<dgilmore> you just need fas
<dgilmore> Sparks: what would be the workflow?
<Sparks> dgilmore: Okay, and with that we can send packages through
koji and tag them separately?
<Sparks> dgilmore: Basically we just tell Publican to build the
package and submit it to koji.  The Publican software does all the work.
<dgilmore> Sparks: I still really dont know what your trying to do.
pretend im an idiot(not really that hard) and explain what it is and
how it should work
<Sparks> dgilmore: I'm not far off...
<Sparks> dgilmore: So Publican will make an SRPM package, submit it to
koji destined for a repo.  Our Publican backend will install those
packages and publish the data to the website.
<Sparks> ...as I understand it
<dgilmore> Sparks: so we would need to set up seperate tags and tagets
for it, defining a koji policy allowing srpms to be built. likely we
would add a new group to koji and add people allowed to build docs to
it and limit access to the tags/targets to people in that group
<dgilmore> Sparks: so its all doable
<Sparks> dgilmore: Well that's a lot easier.  :)
<Sparks> dgilmore: We already have a group in FAS for people that
should have access (docs-publishers).  Should I open a ticket?
<dgilmore> Sparks: koji doesnt know anything about fas
<dgilmore> Sparks: please file a ticket. We wont be able to make
changes until after f17 is done
<Sparks> dgilmore: That's fine.  We're not completely ready for the
transition so after F17 would be good.
<Sparks> dgilmore: Thanks!
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