Proposal: slip guide deadlines

Ben Cotton bcotton at
Mon Oct 1 18:56:06 UTC 2012

Docs and Trans teams,

In this morning's Docs meeting, it was proposed that the branching of
guides be moved back by several weeks. This allows guide maintainers
more time to get content updated (and matches more closely to reality
in most cases). It was proposed that guides be branched 4 weeks before
GA. In order to see what this might look like, I've forked the
official schedule. You can see the proposed schedule for Docs and
Trans at:

(note that the original (aka official) schedules have "orig" in the name).

Let's discuss this and come up with any refinements we need so we can
finalize it next week. Once we've come to some kind of consensus, I'll
send a diff to jreznik for incorporation into the official F18 (and
subsequent) schedule.


Ben Cotton
Fedora Docs Leader

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