Publican 3.1

Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at
Thu Feb 7 04:43:02 UTC 2013

Hi all --

Just a quick heads-up on Publican status. As some of you know, 3.1 has 
just gone GA, and I hope to have it packaged shortly.

We have a couple of problems with the 3.x series on Fedora, and a couple 
of implications for Fedora docs on top of that.

1. The big issue is still wkhtmltopdf. This is finally packaged well 
enough to get it reviewed, so I hope to start that process shortly. In 
the meantime, however, I plan to have the Fedora package depend on FOP. 
Publican will, however, default to wkhtmltopdf where it is available. We 
should make therefore make wkhtmltopdf packages available for Fedora 
docs folk to use in the meantime.

2. A bug has emerged on F18 in some of the XSL we use; this worked fine 
up to now, and so it looks like a change in a dependency. We haven't 
isolated the issue, but the workaround is simple and I'll include a 
patch in the version we ship.

3. A while back, we overhauled the text of the Fedora brand; I have only 
recently made this available for translation and will point translators 
to it.

4. When Publican 3 gets into the repos, we will either need to convert 
the existing docs site structure to the new Publican 3 structure, or 
force all writers and translators to stay on 2.8. Obviously, the former 
is preferable, but will require a freeze on publication while this 
happens (should hopefully be no more than a few hours)

I think that's it! Stay tuned...


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