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Robert Mayr robyduck at
Tue Aug 19 08:44:39 UTC 2014

2014-08-19 6:36 GMT+02:00 Noriko Mizumoto <noriko at>:
> Hi docs team and websites team

Hi Noriko,
glad to hear from you.

> As many of you already notice, translation team is planning to move from
> Transifex to Zanata. The detailed info is available this page [1].
> From F22, we are looking at to accept translation at newly created
> instance. Please notice that nothing is changed or impacted for F21.

Yes, websites are following the ongoing discussion on the trans ML and
previously on the Infra ML.
We are aware that nothing will change before F22, but from our side
something will change before.

> Now I am gathering the information of all involved package owners, so
> that I can send out necessary information for the move to each owner
> timely manner. Could you kindly check the sheet '2nd-docs' or
> '3rd-websites' in the spreadsheet [2] and advise if any deprecated
> document, if any owner update, if any new document to add, etc?

The spreadsheet is ok, all actual owners are listed and we won't have
any other projects so far.

> Also we are going to set up adequate time frame to move for owners. Atm,
> the plan is that 'upstream' and/or 'docs' start to move, and followed by
> 'websites' and 'main', rough estimation is one month.
> How many weeks do your teams need to move? When the best timing for your
> teams?

I think the impact on the websites will be less important than in
other Projects. I guess the same POT file we are pushing regularly to
Transifex will be pushed to Zanata and that's it for us. We need to
change some scripts and verify that all owners have credentials to
manage the website repo there.

As I said before we will have an important change before F22, because
for F21 we are redesigning completely the websites of I hope all the work done by the L10n teams can be
migrated cleanly without any needs to do the work twice.
Can you let us know if that will be the case? Otherwise I fear that
translators will have to translate the new strings first on TX and
then on Zanata.
We will let you know in time when we are going to create the new branch, which will be merged into the master branch once
we are near to F21 GA Release.

> [1]:
> [2]:
> Thanks in advance
> noriko
> Fedora Localization Project

Thanks to you for your effort.

Robert Mayr

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