Unversioned docdirs task

Simon Clark sclark at fedoraproject.org
Sun Feb 23 16:48:37 UTC 2014

Hello All,

As one of the new members of the docs project, I took on the unversioned
docdirs task (see
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/UnversionedDocdirs) to get me
started.  I have now been through all the guides in the guides
table on the wiki and submitted patches where changes were needed.  I
suggest that the task can now be considered complete.

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback and encouragement.

The full list of my findings is below.  I sent patches to this list until
someone pointed out that it was better to use Bugzilla.


Patches submitted to the mailing list:
amateur-radio-guide: Patches submitted 2014-01-22.
install-guide: Patch submitted 2014-01-04.
musicians-guide: Patches submitted 2014-01-28.
packagers-guide: Patches submitted 2014-01-31.
securityguide: Patches submitted 2014-01-31.
software-management-guide: Patches submitted 2014-02-01.
storage-administration-guide: Patches submitted 2014-02-01.

Patches submitted to Bugzilla:
system-administrators-guide: Patches submitted 2014-02-16.
virtualization-deployment-and-administration-guide: Patches submitted

No changes necessary:
accessiblity-guide: Checked 2014-01-07.
readme-burning-isos: Checked 2014-01-23.
cloud-guide: Checked 2014-01-23.
documentation-guide: Checked 2014-01-23.
election-guide: Checked 2014-01-23.
freeipa-guide: Checked 2014-01-23.
multiboot-guide: Checked 2014-01-28.
openssh-guide: Checked 2014-01-28.
power-management-guide: Checked 2014-01-31.
release-notes: Chaecked 2014-01-31.
resource-management-guide: Checked 2014-01-31.
software-collections-guide: Checked 2014-02-01.
technical-notes: Checked 2014-02-16.
uefi-secure-boot-guide: Checked 2014-02-16.
virtualization-getting-started-guide: Checked 2014-02-23.
virtualization-security-guide: Checked 2014-02-23.
wirelessguide: Checked 2014-02-23.
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