Beats season is upon us, go claim yours!

Petr Bokoc pbokoc at
Tue Jul 8 14:31:02 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,

It's finally time for us to start working on release notes for Fedora 
21. Therefore, I would like to ask everyone to check the beat 
assignments table on the wiki[1] and:

* If your name is in the table and has an asterisk (*) next to it, 
either remove the asterisk if you want to work on this beat, or remove 
your name if you want to leave it to someone else
* If you see a beat which you would like to help with, add your name to 
the table

After you do that, you should start going through the list of accepted 
change proposals[2], requesting info from developers, etc. You know the 

If you don't actually know the drill, or you need a refresher course on 
how to beat, the wiki has some basic info[3]. If you have any questions 
not answered on this page, feel free to ping people in the #fedora-docs 
chanel on Freenode, or you can send an e-mail asking for help to this list.

At the same time, I'd like to ask all beat writers to subscribe to the 
relnotes-content mailing list[4], if you aren't already. Ideally, devs 
will set the appropriate flags in Bugzilla when they submit something 
that they think belongs to the release notes, so it can save you some 
work, and help you keep track of changes. (Note that this won't be 100% 
reliable, so don't rely *only* on this list.)

And finally, I'd also like to direct everyone's attention to 
randomuser's Beats Redux page[5], which is an effort to revamp the 
current beat categories. We don't have to use the new setup for this 
release, but even if we don't, help with defining the structure, 
identifying specific components that belong in each category, and 
writing introductions for categories is welcome.



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