[free-electronic-lab] Flexible PCB and gerber files

Robin Laing MeSat at TelusPlanet.net
Mon Oct 17 23:03:14 UTC 2011


I have used Kicad to design a circuit board for a prototype that I am
working on.  The issue is that I need to use a flexible circuit board
and provide Gerber files to the manufacturer who is waiting.

I don't know if Kicad was the best software but it was the easiest of
the fedora packages to get what I needed done as quickly as I could.

I need to create the Gerber files for all the various layers of copper
and polyimide substrate.  This includes the openings for the various
connections and polyimide layer openings.

Presently due to time constraints, I am editing the Gerber files by hand.

I have some more flexible circuits to design that I don't want to go
through this mess again.


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