Question for enabling playground repository

Miroslav Suchý msuchy at
Mon Apr 7 13:39:46 UTC 2014

I am creating prototype of playground repository and have one question.
When user will be going to enable Playground repository, he should get some question with some warning.

When enabling Copr repository you will get:
 >You are going to enable Copr repository. Please note that this repository is not
 >part of Fedora distribution and may have various quality. Fedora distribution
 >have no power over this repository and can not enforce some quality or security
 >Please do not file bug reports about this packages in Fedora Bugzilla.
 >In case of problems you should contact owner of this repository.
 >Do you want to continue? [y/N]:

Can somebody with better literacy proficiency than me suggest some similar paragraph for enabling Playground repository?

Thanks in advance
Miroslav Suchy, RHCE, RHCDS
Red Hat, Senior Software Engineer, #brno, #devexp, #fedora-buildsys

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