Other WGs' monitoring from 1st till 26th August

Honza Horak hhorak at redhat.com
Tue Aug 26 12:01:40 UTC 2014

As promissed on the last meeting, this is $subject:

Workstation WG:
* Bad BZ performance when reporting -- removing gnome-abrt?
   ABRT maintainer says we should rather fix it
   shortened reporting discussed, more discussion about workflow
* Langdon White's "Fedora for Developers"
   proposal to hold Gnome version for 2 releases (mostly disagreeing on
   the ML)
   quite a lot of ideas that are based on Langdon's view:
   "developer on Linux" which is [usually] distinctly different from a
   "Linux developer".
   Why mac is prefered over linux - because "it just works"
   Fedora Workstation's real value will be how it integrates developer tools
   with multiple desktop environments!
* Default pacakges installed discussion (firewall related; proposal not
   to include firewall-config, a graphical tool for firewall); long and
   heated discussion.
   A proposal related to gnome apps -- some concepts can be general
* Desktop WG not very happy about copr (slow, overloaded):
   They think about moving the effort of testing the new version of
   Gnome back to koji and make users to use F21 instead of providing
   testing coprs.
* Say goodbye to start.fedoraproject.org?

Server WG:
* rolekit on the way, missing database role
* cockpit seems to be in a good shape for alpha and beta seems also

Cloud WG:
* fedora to have a registry or not?
* vagrant packaging will be needed
* discussions and legal issues with some other cloud companies
   (Rackspace, GCE, HP)

Base WG:
* splitting packages to ship config files in *-config subpackage and
   ship those files also in /usr/share/factor/etc/*
   eventually /etc is minimal or even empty
   focusing on packages that are supposed to "just work", things like
   apache, which need some admin action, might not be compatible with
   this new scheme

* final texts for prerelease -- alpha is approaching.


Footnote: if every group does some short summary weekly/biweekly, others 
could just quickly read it to stay tuned -- I'll probably propose 
something like that soon.

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