FYI: Python 3 in EPEL 7 Proposal

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at
Thu Dec 11 23:45:05 UTC 2014

Thanks for starting that discussion! I added some thoughts to the
discussion page on the wiki after Kushal sent me the proposal link.

I'd really like to see us take advantage of the stable ABI and pyc cache
versioning in Python 3 to minimise the need to couple version compatible
packages directly to a specific Python 3 version.

That would mean setting a baseline Python 3 version in EPEL (presumably the
one that the python3 symlink targets), and allowing pure Python and stable
ABI packages that support that version & later to be versioned as "python3".

Only packages that include binary extensions that *don't* use the stable
ABI would need to be further qualified with the Python 3 minor version.

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