[RFC] Vision Statement

Honza Horak hhorak at redhat.com
Thu Feb 6 11:18:37 UTC 2014

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> We discussed the Vision Statement again on yesterday's meeting and
> re-iterated it a bit. The last proposal was:
> "Fedora is the preferred platform for software development and
> deployment in any language or application stack."

+1 Great simplicity, general enough, I like it.

> A few comments:
> 1) To me "deployment" means that we'll make it quick and painless for
> developers to deploy their applications on Fedora, regardless of the
> applications' specific language (stack) requirements. However, this does
> not mean that we'll provide "production deployment" guarantees and
> support.

We shouldn't guarantee anything, since we're still OSS based on community, where nobody is forced doing stuff. But I won't give up a target to make even production deployment as easy as possible. If we can make the admin's life easier, we should.

> 2) Is the word "application stack" understood well enough by the PRD's
> intended audience? Are there simpler alternatives?

I feel it describes a general set of more than one applications, not related to a way how it is available; we don't have to imagine a specific technology behind that. So, for me it is understood-able, but I may be influence by the fact that I already use that term for some time almost daily.

> 3) When making changes to the Vision statement we should strive for
> simplicity.

Absolutely and the current version seems simple to me.


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