Agenda for Env-and-Stacks WG meeting (2014-02-11)

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Mon Feb 10 15:05:03 UTC 2014

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> Subject: Agenda for Env-and-Stacks WG meeting (2014-02-11)
> WG meeting will be at 16:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting on Freenode.
> == Topic ==
> #vission statement
> Proposal: "Fedora is the preferred platform for software development and
> deployment in any language or application stack."
> #irc-channel
> fedora-stacks got +6 (bkabrda, hhorak, pkovar, driden, tjanez, mmaslano)
> if I understand correctly.
> Who will create the channel?

I can create it.  I created the channels for the DTS and RHSCL discussions.
I'm looking at the freenode documentation to determine how to register the channel
with ChanServ.


> #working on tasks from PRD (finally)
> I heard people are interested in these two, so let's start:
> ##fedora-ugly (incubator)
> Discuss what is needed to create additional repository (rules, workflow,
> ...)
> ##SCL in Fedora
> Speak with Server and Cloud - what do they need.
> See you tomorrow,
> Marcela
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