Summary/Minutes from today's Env-and-Stacks WG meeting (2014-02-18)

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> On Wed, 2014-02-19 at 12:56 +0100, Honza Horak wrote:
> > Just to sum it up, these are names proposed so far:
> > 
> > Ugly
> > Staging
> > Incubation
> > Easy
> > Playground
> > Mantle
> > Experimental
> > Unstable
> Since we decided to start with a single repository that would implement
> an "ugly"-like repository, I would prefer not to use names like Staging,
> Incubation, since they hint at a different kind of repository that we
> might have in the future.
> My preferences so far are:
> Playground > Easy > Experimental > Mantle
> My argument for the Playground name is that we want to invite new
> contributors/packagers and let them play with Fedora, without requiring
> them to know all the intricacies of the current Fedora Packaging
> Guidelines (FPG). And afterwards, it is their choice:
> 1) Their packages can stay in the Playground repo forever (maybe because
> it would be very unpractical to meet the FPG, or they simply don't care
> enough to work on being FPG compliant)
> 2) Their packages would improve over-time and steadily become FPG
> compliant. At the end, they would just submit their package for a formal
> review and have it included in Fedora's main repo.
> Looking at the name from the repo's consumers point-of-view, it would
> indicate them that things here are "young by heart". Some packages may
> be quite rough, while others might be more mature and closer to being
> FPG compliant. Of course, like in real life, some packages will always
> remain "young by heart".

I like the reasoning that you have presented.

My highest preference is for playground.  In addition to what Tadej has
written I think "playground" conveys a sense of space and openness.  
In a playground there are some rules, everyone can join and play in the playground.

Some of the other terms have a negative connotation: unstable, experimental, incubation, ugly.

Staging implies that there has been some work and is in a good state.  This seems
to indicate that things are farther along than in a playground.

Easy seems vague to me.  But it does sound inviting.
Mantle initially conjures images of a fireplace.


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