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Wed Feb 26 07:32:48 UTC 2014

On 02/25/2014 05:11 PM, Miroslav Suchý wrote:
> On 02/25/2014 04:57 PM, Tadej Janež wrote:
>> Hmm, who is people?
> Just people around us. But yes, it may be just wrong pattern. Or not.
>> Where do you get this impression from?
> Maintainers of packages are usually power users (at least) and again as
> far as I see around me, they simply do not use WebUI.
>> In my opinion, GitHub's popularity speaks against that.
> But GitHub is different use case! The popularity comes from fact that
> you can use it as you main project page.
> It have nice front page (thanks, it have issue tracker, it
> have wiki pages. People can easily clone it.
> But will maintainers of packages in env-and-stack WG use that? IMHO no
> (at least *I* will not use it). They will just use that git part. And
> WebUI will not help you will git pull/push.
> But if you organize some voting and people will want WebUI, then ok. But
> best vote is if someone would say "I will do it and you will tell me if
> you like it." But I hear that very rarely. Even from myself :))

So would something like make more sense - eg. package 
hosting service layer between github and copr.

Anyway, I think it's important to list the desired usecases. For example 
I don't see an easy way how to fork certain package and start 
development and testing some experimental feature that might not get 
into head in a couple more releases. For such usecase I would like to 
have either a dist-git private branch or a cloned git tree where I can 
do modifications, produce testing repo and eventually merge it.



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