PRDs/Tech Specs to formal Change Proposals and Change submission deadline

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Thu Feb 27 10:32:14 UTC 2014

at yesterday's FESCo meeting, it was agreed on setting deadlines
for Change submission for Fedora 21 [1] and to process PRDs into
Change proposals.

"AGREED: Fedora Changes Process submission deadline for system-wide
changes is April 7th. Deadline for true standalone changes will be
sometime later than that. Changes to how fedora is produced for are still due on March 3rd. (+7,0,0) (nirik, 18:29:42)" 

Current deadlines:
* March 3rd: Technical Specifications for products & and changes needed
  for products and deliverables --- very soon!
* April 7th: System Wide Changes submission deadline

Working Groups teams, please, try to "transform" required changes for
your products from PRDs/Technical Specifications into standalone
Change proposals (between March 3rd and April 7th). It will help
us to scope the release. Also all changes would be trackable the
standard way we do it and it's going to help transparency (as
Change announcements are being to be part of the process).

Self Contained Changes submission deadline will be set later,
after the System Wide deadline. If you expect your proposed Self 
Contained Change will be on the edge and could be escalated to the
System Wide, please try to submit it as early as possible too.

As some details will be clarified later in the process, 
System Wide Changes submitted after the deadline will be approved
case by case, even after submission deadline.

For the details about the Change process, see my previous email
to the devel announce list [2].

Thank you for your help with Change process and let me know in
case of any questions.



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