Polishing the PRD

Tadej JaneΕΎ tadej.janez at tadej.hicsalta.si
Wed Jan 8 16:46:17 UTC 2014


There are some parts of the PRD that feel to terse and unclear to me.

They are:
1) (under Testing/additional repositories)
* A repo with packages only for the build. It might help some developers
to just build their package without maintaining the build dependencies.

2) Build systems
* COPR & koji
** COPR able to build an SCL
** koji - a number of improvements for developers (buildlogs, etc.), in
co-operation with the koji upstream.

3) SCL
* SCL in Fedora.
** Pending in FPC. Most probably each SCL will be added into Fedora as a
system-wide change.
* SCL in SCL.org from COPR.
** Possible to use 3rd party repos for various projects.
** Almost ready.
* scl-utils v2
** New features out of scope for this version of the PRD.

4) CI
* Out of scope (going to take a long time to be included in Fedora,
maybe even the inclusion for this group).
** AutoQA - co-operation with Fedora QA.
** Jenkins - upstream projects for Fedora should use

I would expand them myself, but I'm not knowledgeable enough. So, I
would kindly ask those who put them in or those with enough expertise to
expand them.

Also, I would turn the sections of the PRD around so that "About this
Document" section would come at the end. That way the PRD's content will
have more spotlight (it would be similar to the Cloud's PRD).


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