Agenda for Env-and-Stacks WG meeting (2014-01-14)

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Tue Jan 14 16:01:48 UTC 2014


> Those who can't attend the meeting should comment the draft on mailing
> list. The deadline for document is next Monday (20th January).
Thanks - I am afraid I won't be able to attend tonight's late meeting (in my timezone), 
so let me post some comments on the current draft here. 

Overall I feel the document is good and sets a good direction for the WG. 
I added a small user story for developers needs multiple development environments 
for different projects with different build requirements. Probably more details 
and examples could be added. 

I just have some minor queries/comments about some parts/sentences: 

* QA automation 

** Join the [[QA|Fedora QA]] and help them with the [[User:Tflink/taskotron_development_plan|Taskotron]] project concerning the future of QA automation in Fedora. 
** Develop new tools for Fedora QA that will help achieving high standards of software in Fedora. 
*** An example of such a tool is [ rpmgrill], a set of analysis tests that run against a particular RPM build. Its main difference to [[Common_Rpmlint_issues|rpmlint]] is that rpmgrill handles *builds*, that is, the entire sets of RPMs built from one source RPM file instead of single RPM files. As soon as it is ready for deployment, it should be introduced to Fedora QA. 

Is this sentence needed? Does it just mean "QA can start using it as soon as it is ready." or something more? 

=== Build systems === 
* COPR & koji 
** COPR able to build an SCL 
** koji - a number of improvements for developers ( buildlogs , etc.), in co-operation with the koji upstream. 

What about buildlogs?? 

I need to look at COPR again, but I wonder if it is worth looking at the features of OBS and seeing if there is any low-hanging fruit that we could steal^Wbring to Fedora too? 

=== Documentation, guidelines === 

=== DevAssistant === 

I kind of wondered if these two are not slightly out of scope but I guess it is fine to include them if people in the WG are planning to work on them this year. 

Thanks, Jens 
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