Working on the SCL section in the PRD

Jan Zelený jzeleny at
Fri Jan 17 12:30:07 UTC 2014

> > Group around SCL discuss new features with jzeleny. I guess you can
> > take his opinion as consensus. Langdon is more working with community
> > around, I can't speak for him. Mirek (I guess Suchy) knows everything
> > about packaging, so even about SCL, but I would prefer if you can ask
> > general questions to me.
> I can start talking with jzeleny.  The problem with talking with you is that
> you often punt the question on anyway so if your goal is to try to get
> things to go faster, then first talking to you and then talking to jzeleny
> just takes more time.

If you have technical questions, just drop me an email, I will be happy to 
answer you.

However to be perfectly honest with you I don't really care about 
philosophical questions like "what should be the installation prefix" or "how 
should the collection look like" but if you feel I should participate in some 
of those discussions, feel free to invite me and I will do my best to come and 
be useful there.

Also I would like to remind you again that SCL as a technology is given at 
this point and it won't change significantly. Our intention now is to offer it 
to both Fedora and its users *as it is*. Nothing less, nothing more :-)

Thanks for understanding

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