Working on the SCL section in the PRD

Jan Zelený jzeleny at
Mon Jan 20 08:52:02 UTC 2014

On 19. 1. 2014 at 22:35:25, Jens Petersen wrote:
> I just wanted to comment that I am keen to use SCL
> technology for Haskell ghc packages in EPEL particularly.
> It would also be a nice way of providing newer
> versions early to Fedora: while its relatively
> shorter lifetime makes it less crucial perhaps,
> I think a lot more Fedora users want to have the
> latest ghc available so it would be a good thing.
> So I plan to play with software collections this year.

You might be also interested in the COPR project [1]. It offers you the 
possibility to easily build the latest and greatest in your own repo and offer 
it to people who are interested in the same latest and greatest you are.



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