proposal: Env-Stacks irc channel

Jens Petersen petersen at
Fri Jan 24 01:16:27 UTC 2014


This is a follow up mail to the discussion we started
in the meeting on Tuesday, for the benefit of those
who couldn't attend the meeting where the idea was proposed,
about whether we should have an Env and Stacks irc channel
on Freenode for informal discussion and interactions.

A few thoughts on it so far:

- should allow more real-time interactions between all interested parties
- would make it easy to see and catch up on conversions
- would be quiet enough to chat even with longer response lags

- one more channel: #fedora-devel is enough..
- hard to find a good short name
  (my client config seems unable to restore
   channel names longer than ~15 chars;)
- could distract from email communication
- channel could be very quiet...
- timezones

Personally I think it is worth having a channel.
I am usually connected to freenode and having a channel
specific to Env and Stacks would make it easy to
see conversations as they happen or afterwards.

For the name I might suggest #fedora-env
or #fedora-stacks to keep it short.


ps It might be good to post topics/proposals like this for
discussion to the mailing-list ahead of the meeting so they can be
added to the agenda, though I guess it is also fine to bring them up
at the end: using trac for tracking meeting topics/proposals
might also be good, and could make it easier for non-members
to make suggestions/proposals for discussion.
This time I just remembered the idea spontaneously during
the meeting discussion.

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