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> See
> Adam asks:
>    What "Fedora" exactly is the image going to contain? Fedora Server?
>    Fedora Cloud? Will it be a part of either of those products? If not, what
>    is its status, exactly? Who's responsible for it? Is it considered a
>    primary or frontline or whatever Fedora deliverable? Who's going to test
>    it? How's it going to be promoted in relation to all our other
>    deliverables?
> Here are *my* answers -- let's make sure we all agree. :)
> * It will contain its own very minimal "spin". We're not (currently) going
>   to produce "layered" images -- just the base. (Application images will
>   be made via Docker's "trusted builds" service from the fedora-dockerfiles
>   repo, on top of this base.)

+1.  I think that trying to provide a bunch of different images is
just more burden on QA (and possibly others) without much value.

> * It will initially be part of Fedora Cloud, but long term I think we want
>   to move it to Env & Stacks (CC'ing).
> * Correspondingly, I think we're responsible.
> * On "primary or frontline", I think the answer is "not release blocking",
>   but we'd like to produce and upload the image after release if we miss
>   it
> * Who is going to test it? We should. Possibly, launching _this_ image
>   will be part of the Fedora Atomic tests?

I think that eventually this will be the right thing to do, but I
don't think these should block on each other.  Thus, Atomic should
test with some other known good image until the Fedora 21 one is
ready, and we also shouldn't block testing of the docker image on

> * The goal is to upload the official image to the Docker index in a manner
>   similar to our other cloud images.


> * We may promote it on the web site in some manner, but the primary point
>   is that we want to appear at <>


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