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Wed Mar 5 11:56:56 UTC 2014

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> On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 03:27:37PM +0100, Marcela Mašláňová wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I thought we could prepare all our goals as system wide changes and
> > some could be left out for addition in next Fedora if we can't make
> > it.
> > 
> > We discussed only additional repo and SCL, but other goals can be
> > also prepared by people from our group even if we didn't discuss it
> > yet. For example Reviews or Taskotron don't depend on small group
> > going to meetings. Do you want to pick tasks and start working on
> > proposals right now or discuss everything on meetings?
> > 
> Note: We should be sending fesco notice of things that we intend to do for
> F21 *before* the Change deadline.  (Officially... the 3rd of March which has
> just passed.  But better late than never.)  In particular, if anything we're
> thinking of has any chance of being a change to how we make or conceive of
> fedora (as opposed to jsut changes to things inside of fedora) then it
> should have been proposed to fesco already.

Well, my intentions and how I presented it to FESCo was - the first deadline,
come with what you'd like to change in the form of Technical Specs, updated
PRD etc. And the month after should that "and now - create formal Change
proposals from these documents".


> I'm crossing my fingers that whatever things we do propose later won't
> require changes to the way we make fedora but things have a tendency to
> overflow the nice, neat little boxes of self-containment we initially think
> they will be limited to so.
> -Toshio
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