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Bohuslav Kabrda bkabrda at redhat.com
Thu Mar 13 11:51:48 UTC 2014

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> Hi all,
> This is not really related to the current conversations about playground
> repos etc., but I wanted to bring this up anyway.

Thanks for this, Petr. See my comments below.

> Table of Contents
> * Introduction to the RPM Package Manager:
>              This chapter introduces the RPM Package Manager, describes the
>              RPM package design, defines the basic content of every RPM
>              package, and shows how to explore the RPM package structure
>         What Are Packages, and Why Manage Them?
>         RPM Design Goals
>         What Is in a Package?
>         Using rpm2cpio

<nitpicking>I'd say rpm2cpio should be a subchapter of What is in a package? I don't consider it to be equally important as e.g. RPM design goals and other top-level chapters.</nitpicking>

>         Source Package Files and How to Use Them
> * Creating and Building RPM Packages:

This section would deserve a chapter about mock, IMO.

>         The Basics of Building RPM Packages
>                 Creating a Basic spec File
>                     spec Templates and Examples
>                     Templates
>                     Examples
>                 Building a Package
>                 Testing a Package
>                     Testing a spec File
>                     Testing a spec File
>                     Testing a Binary Package
>                     Testing a Source Package

Are you planning to mention tools like rpmlint and fedora-review in Testing a Package?

> * Appendix - Eclipse RPM Building:
>              This appendix contains information on how to build RPM
>              packages in Eclipse Development Environment.
>        Eclipse Built-in Specfile Editor
> * Appendix - Java Packaging:

Why Java and why not other languages? Is this section going to contain parts of Java packaging guidelines?
I'd advise introducing a section that'd link current Fedora guidelines, so that people could use this documentation as a central place; but I'd also advise not including parts of the actual guidelines, so that we don't duplicate the information.

> * Appendix - Getting More Information:
>               Explains where to find more information, including the RPM
>               official project site, other RPM books and RPM documentation.
> --
> Petr Kovar

Thanks a lot for this, looks very good!

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