RFC: Packager's Guide - Content Specification

Mikolaj Izdebski mizdebsk at redhat.com
Thu Mar 13 11:57:47 UTC 2014

On 03/13/2014 12:51 PM, Bohuslav Kabrda wrote:
>> * Appendix - Java Packaging:
> Why Java and why not other languages? Is this section going to contain parts of Java packaging guidelines?
> I'd advise introducing a section that'd link current Fedora guidelines, so that people could use this documentation as a central place; but I'd also advise not including parts of the actual guidelines, so that we don't duplicate the information.

Java has its own packaging HOWTO[1], which does not supersede or replace
Java Packaging Guidelines, but rather aims to document tools and
techniques used for packaging Java software on Fedora.


Mikolaj Izdebski

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