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Bohuslav Kabrda bkabrda at redhat.com
Thu Mar 13 13:00:32 UTC 2014

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> On Thu 13 Mar 2014 12:51:48 PM CET Bohuslav Kabrda wrote:
> >> * Appendix - Java Packaging:
> >
> > Why Java and why not other languages? Is this section going to contain
> > parts of Java packaging guidelines?
> > I'd advise introducing a section that'd link current Fedora guidelines, so
> > that people could use this documentation as a central place; but I'd also
> > advise not including parts of the actual guidelines, so that we don't
> > duplicate the information.
> We simplified our former guidelines to include *just* the real rules
> without going into details about tools and techniques used to adhere to
> these rules (because these evolve faster than guidelines can).
> We then wrote a separate document (as Mikolaj mentioned) which contains
> HOWTO. We are still improving it since it's not finished, but needless
> to say, there's no better person to write the docs than people actually
> using the tools. Petr can clean it up/unify of course but I don't think
> it's fair to assume he has time write docs for all different languages.
> So that's why "java and not other languages"

My understanding was that the section basically duplicated the guidelines. If I understand your answer correctly, there is no duplication, so my concern is gone. Thanks for explaining.

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