Confirming that voting members are willing to continue in their role

Honza Horak hhorak at
Wed Nov 26 11:58:19 UTC 2014

Dear voting members,

as agreed in the Charter [1] initially, there will be elections soon, 
the first one will be coincide with the FESCo election that occurs near 
January 2015. According to the charter, we're going to refresh half the 
seats, which means 4 seats.

Since we need to pick-up 4 seats for the first time, this e-mail serves 
for getting feedback from current voting members, who are expected to 
explicitly state, whether they are willing to continue in their current 
role of voting member.

Current voting members, please, reply to the list and express your 
position whether you are willing to stay to be voting member of the Env 
& Stacks.

Negative or no answer by 10th Dec 2014 would mean your seat may be 
available for new comers.

Thanks for collaboration,


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