Confirming that voting members are willing to continue in their role

Bohuslav Kabrda bkabrda at
Wed Nov 26 12:06:42 UTC 2014

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> Dear voting members,
> as agreed in the Charter [1] initially, there will be elections soon,
> the first one will be coincide with the FESCo election that occurs near
> January 2015. According to the charter, we're going to refresh half the
> seats, which means 4 seats.
> Since we need to pick-up 4 seats for the first time, this e-mail serves
> for getting feedback from current voting members, who are expected to
> explicitly state, whether they are willing to continue in their current
> role of voting member.
> Current voting members, please, reply to the list and express your
> position whether you are willing to stay to be voting member of the Env
> & Stacks.
> Negative or no answer by 10th Dec 2014 would mean your seat may be
> available for new comers.
> Thanks for collaboration,
> Honza
> [1]

as I noted during one of the previous meetings, I'm intending to make my seat available for the vote (I will run for the seat again, but I want to give the opportunity to other people as well).

Slavek Kabrda

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