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Wed Oct 1 06:15:43 UTC 2014

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> > As we still don't have a build service I proposed some time ago, we
> > could use Docker Automated Builds - we would "just" need to prepare
> > Dockerfiles.
> Take a look at — adding
> to that might be the way to go, or else providing a companion.

So, what I don't get about these Dockerfiles... Why do so many of them use supervisord? IIUC supervisord is sort of a replacement for systemd. I know there have been some issues with systemd and containers and that there were efforts to make systemd work in containers, so I assume these Dockerfiles will switch to systemd once it is ready, is that correct?
The reason I'm asking is that it feels like we're using a different implementation of what we already have - and I think we shouldn't do that in images that we want to be "official".


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