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Mon Oct 6 12:40:08 UTC 2014

On 10/03/2014 07:53 PM, Zac Dover wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> My name is Zac Dover and I work at Red Hat as a Senior Technical Writer. Matthew Miller brought to my attention the email included below and suggested that I might be able to contribute. Here is the email:
>> Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2014 17:39:40 +0200
>> From: Václav Pavlín <vpavlin at>
>> To: Fedora Environment and Stacks Working Group mailing list
>>          <env-and-stacks at>
>> Subject: Fedora Docker landing page
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>> Hey,
>> We talked about Docker with hhorak and came to the conclusion we
>> miss some Fedora Docker landing page for newbies.
>> I think it might be a good idea to create a website
>> where users could find all the important
>> information about Docker and Fedora:
>> * How to install Docker on Fedora
>> * Where to find Fedora images (links to Docker Hub repos)
>> * How to run containers
>> * How to write Dockerfiles properly (Project Atomic has some "best
>> practices" on their site)
>> * Where to find Fedora Dockerfiles
>> * Vocabulary (Fedora Docker Base Image vs. Fedora Base Image - which
>> might be confused with Fedora Cloud Image...)
>> and other people might come up with other interesting topics to
>> present there.
>> The page might be simple Wordpress with almost static content.
>> What do you think?
>> Vašek
> I have already written material on how to install Docker on Fedora, where to find Fedora images, how to run containers, how to write Dockerfiles properly (my name is the one on the Dockerfile manpage in RHEL7). I also have a number of handwritten notes that I would be glad to type up into a glossary.
> Because this matter has only just come to my attention, and because the notes I have stored electronically are on a fileserver within the Red Hat VPN, and because I don't know who all the stakeholders are in this matter, please tell me how and in which format you would like to see my notes (if, indeed, you would like to see them).
> I have subscribed to env-and-stacks, and I look forward to getting easy-to-read explanatory containerization procedures and concepts into the minds of our audience.
> Please do not hesitate to contact me.

This is fantastic, thanks for getting involved!

There is always problem with having some information outside easily 
edit-able wiki, so we should probably limit this landing page only for 
basic information and link to wiki for further details. This is 
something we need to talk tomorrow.

I'll also ping websites team to sync with them, since we do not 
duplicate anything.


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