Language Stacks in Docker Hub

Václav Pavlín vpavlin at
Tue Oct 7 08:32:13 UTC 2014

Hi Clayton,

We were discussing Language Stacks announcement for Docker Hub on our 
last meeting and I'd like you to join our discussion as we find 
OpenShift useful source of information about developers.

We as Env&Stacks WG would like to provide reasonable Docker layered 
images  to Fedora users which they could use for development and 
deployment of their applications. OpenShift could probably provide some 
hints for this - which languages and stacks OpenShift developers use 
most and how do they use them?

You will be welcome to join our meeting at #fedora-meeting (Tue, 9am EDT).


On 2.10.2014 08:42, Nick Coghlan wrote:
> On 10/01/2014 08:39 AM, Matthew Miller wrote:
>> On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 12:45:52PM +1000, Nick Coghlan wrote:
>>> I think this combinatorial explosion problem is why offering a lot of
>>> prebuilt images is the wrong way to go with this. The desire to do so is
>>> a reflection of the fact that the tooling for building and managing
>>> Docker images is still relatively immature - I don't know exactly when
>>> Koji was written, but I'd suggest that the current state of Docker image
>>> management is, at best, where the RPM build process would have been
>>> pre-Koji.
>>> Instead of offering a wide array of prebuilt images, I think OpenShift
>>> Origin are going in the right direction with v3, taking full advantage
>>> of the notion of composable layers in the design of Docker:
>> I agree that this is totally the way to go eventually and as soon as
>> possible. However, I also think that we should cover the image approach in
>> the meantime, and possibly some of the basics will always be useful.
> Aye, Vaclav and Marcela persuaded me I was wrong at this week's WG
> meeting - there's likely something simpler we can do in the meantime,
> even if it has scalability issues.
> Cheers,
> Nick.


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