Integration per-component tests in Fedora

Mat Booth fedora at
Tue Oct 21 10:34:18 UTC 2014

On 20 October 2014 17:16, Honza Horak <hhorak at> wrote:
> 1b) Another approach would be to package the test suites as separate
components using standard packaging process called by some convention and
which would be installed as RPMs. With this approach we'd be able to
prepare real integration tests related for more components, we would be
able to use RPM's dependencies to require depended tests, etc. It could
only be too big overhead for tests that has only two lines and just check
if a daemon can be started (which IMHO is a valid test worth doing). But
still, this would be my preferred option.

In Eclipse-land, we package our tests (these are upstream test suites) in
RPM sub-packages. Koji would reach the 24hour time out if we ran them at
build time (I'm looking at you, 32bit ARM) so we are waiting for Taskotron
to develop its "disposable clients" feature to run them there in a
throw-away container.
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