Dockerlint on Openshift

Tomas Tomecek ttomecek at
Thu Apr 9 08:05:29 UTC 2015

Quoting Petr Hracek (2015-04-07 13:47:15)
> Hi folks,
> I have tried to clone dockerlint 
> ( to OpenShift
> But it still returns HTTP 503.

I don't follow here. AFAIK dockerfile_lint doesn't have any web interface. It's
just a command line tool.

Creating a simple webinterface should be super easy: one form with input, and a
place with the actual output.

Here's the linter in action on Customer Portal:

> dockerfile_lint command works fine with pretty simple DockerFile. I have 
> checked a DockerFile and it passed.
> [ 54f987584382ec3f840000f5]\> cat 
> nodejs/conf/DockerFiles
> FROM fedora:21
> RUN yum install httpd -y
> CMD ["ps -ef | grep http"]
> [ 54f987584382ec3f840000f5]\> dockerfile_lint 
> -f nodejs/conf/DockerFiles
> Check passed!

That's interesting. There is no MAINTAINER instruction -- should definitely
produce a warning.


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