Few updates about Playground repo

Honza Horak hhorak at redhat.com
Thu Apr 16 11:59:50 UTC 2015

I've talked to msuchy few days back and this is a short summary what is 
the current status of Playground repo in Fedora (*).

Packages that are built in copr are signed. That was a blocker for 
playground feature, so thanks Mirek, Adam, Valentin and whole copr crew!

There is also a feature already in copr that allows to set flag for 
particular copr, that says the copr is part of playground. This flag may 
be set by copr admin, so it will be necessary to have someone (probably 
from env-and-stacks) become a copr admin. Actually more members would be 
better to cover potential unavailability.

So the process could look like this:

1. copr user asks for being included in the Playground, e.g. via 
2. the user describes in the ticket what are the reasons why the package 
should be part of playground (what benefit for fedora users it brings) 
and what quality can we expect from the package
3. automatic tests are run on all packages from the copr, like:
    - no serious issues are found by rpmgrill
    - check that all packages from playground have all dependencies 
satisfied (because of depended coprs)
    - check that no packages from playground conflict with fedora base
4. one of the env-and-stacks members (copr admin) sets the flag in copr
5. (now one of the bellow is done)
5a. yum repo file is created and includes all coprs that have the flat set
5b. yum repo file is updated on users' side

open question, related to 5th step:
We spoke about some common repository, but it may also be just one repo 
file with many coprs enabled. The question is where do we want to 
refresh the content -- either on copr server or on client computers.

Personally, I'd prefer the first way -- create one repository on copr 
server side, so clients just install one repo file once and just 
repodata will be updated. That prevents possible issues with copr repo 
file updating, we don't have to check if user disabled the repo to not 
enable it by mistake etc.

(*) hopefully I haven't forgot or significantly changed the ideas from 
last week (Mirku, please, correct if you'll see some nonsense)


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