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Petr Hracek phracek at
Fri Apr 17 09:36:04 UTC 2015

Hello Lindani.

I am glad that you sent me a source codes. I will try to upload them to
my OpenShift instance.

And I have a question regarding dockerfile_lint.
We have an idea to rewrite them to python.
What do you think about it?
Tomas Tomecek told us that he can take care about it.

Would you mind if he will try to create a new dockerfile_lint program?

Petr Hracek

On 04/14/2015 03:16 PM, Lindani Phiri wrote:
> Hi Petr,
> The portal UI is an openshift app with some dependencies on the portal labs infrastructure.
> We provide the UI bits as a value added service to customers with a subscription, but we are willing to give away the UI
> code if it will encourage contribution to the rule engine and creation of new profiles.
> We don't have a sharable git repo at the moment, so I have
> attached the server and client source files for the UI - its a nodejs application.
> Lindani
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>> Hi Phiri,
>> as Langdon said I am interesting to incorporate a web ui to Fedora.
>> The plan is to create the web ui in e.g
>> {docker,containers} page
>> where users can create their own docker file and of course check the
>> docker file.
>> I think that the web ui could be either part of dockerfile_lint directly
>> or subproject on projectatomic
>> github like
>> Would you be able to send me a reference to your code which is used on
>> the portal?
>> @Langdon: thanks for introduction.
>> Greetings
>> Petr
>> On 04/09/2015 03:05 PM, Langdon White wrote:
>>> Petr, meet Lindani; Lindani meet Petr :)
>>> Petr is interested in working on a web ui for dockerfile-lint to stand
>>> it up in fedora. Could you point him at any of the open source UI work
>>> that was done for the portal?
>>> Can Petr work with you to get a better understanding of the code to be
>>> able to do a new UI?
>>> thanks!
>>> langdon
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