Definition of word "ring"

Petr Hracek phracek at
Mon Apr 20 10:03:36 UTC 2015

Hi folks,

who are part of Env&Stack group.
Today in the morning I discussed with Honza Horak a bit about rings
and I think that the word ring should be defined.

Can anyone describe what word "ring" means?
If we have another words which should be described I would be glad to 
mention it.

On the last meeting I was a bit confused what rings mean
and sometimes I knitted rings with Fedora releases (Workstation, Cloud, 
Server). I know :)

Matthew already mentioned some things on the mail last time.

Let's say that I have installed Fedora XY with Fedora Workstation
and I have installed 2 or 3 docker container.

Does it mean that docker container are in ring 3?
Fedora Workstation as image based is in ring 2?
rpmostree is ring1?

And if I develop application based on 2 docker containers like (http 
container and database container)
then my application is on ring 4?

Sorry for my misunderstanding but I would like to be sure what rings mean.

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