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On 04/20/2015 12:51 PM, Bohuslav Kabrda wrote:
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>> Hi folks,
>> who are part of Env&Stack group.
>> Today in the morning I discussed with Honza Horak a bit about rings
>> and I think that the word ring should be defined.
>> Can anyone describe what word "ring" means?
>> If we have another words which should be described I would be glad to
>> mention it.
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> To me, "ring" is a set of artifacts. Artifacts can be (repositories of) RPMs, Python packages, Ruby Gems, and similar packages. Artifacts can also be Docker images, Vagrant boxes and similar.

I'd just add that the set is described by expectations we have about 
this set, so for example we can have:

* stable libraries, that we don't expect breaking API/ABI but we expect 
them to be available for any upper ring -- those will be probably in ring 1

* set of RPMs in ring 2 -- e.g. framework like Ruby on Rails, that makes 
sense to be available in more versions, but is not necessary for most of 
the other packages

* another set of RPMs in ring 3 that don't follow all packaging 
guidelines -- e.g. application built in copr

In other words -- when looking at which ring the artifact belongs to, we 
must look at what we expect from that artifact.


> Hope this helps,
> Slavek
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