Agenda item for e&s Aug 20, 2015

langdon langdon at
Thu Aug 20 00:07:31 UTC 2015


We have a number of different, complementary/competitive, application 
management technologies (very tough to give them a group name) springing 
up in the various Edition Working Groups. Technologies including, but 
probably not limited too: rolekit, xdg-app, nulecule, and docker. I have 
been proposing to members of those groups and the Council that the 
discussion of the technologies would be better served in a "central to 
Fedora" conversation. As a result, I was hoping to add to the agenda for 
tomorrow's meeting:

a) how to invite the conversation to e&s
b) what the output of e&s would be
c) how to ensure that e&s is the place for these conversations in the future

I hope that is clear, otherwise, I can elaborate or answer questions 
tomorrow in the meeting.

Langdon White

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