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Sun Jul 12 04:54:21 UTC 2015

On 10 July 2015 at 16:24, Honza Horak <hhorak at> wrote:
> * shortly summarize plans for upcoming Fedora releases (F23/F24) in their
> fields of interests and send it to working group ML or update in [2]

For me, I'm hoping to work with the Fresque developers
( to get the main
package review workflow out of Bugzilla, with a view to then following
up on the idea of splitting the package review process into a
preliminary redistribution review (which can be handled by any Fedora
Contributor and amounts to "good enough for custom development work"),
and a packaging policy compliance review (which would match the
current review process and amounts to "good enough to consider for
operational deployment without in-house developer support").

While there's a current GSoC project happening for Fresque, I'm
starting to think that's more likely to be an F24/F25 type time frame
idea, as I think getting reviews out of Bugzilla into a dedicated
service is a genuine prerequisite to making significant changes to the
review workflow, and given where we already are in the F23 cycle,
Bugzilla->Fresque in F24, and then splitting the review process in F25
seems like a far more plausible timeline than trying to tackle any
part of the idea for F23.

So in an F23/F24 focused discussion, I guess the summary would be:

* (ncoghlan) work with the Fresque developers to propose moving the
package review process out of Bugzilla and into a dedicated Fedora
Review Server for F24. This will then lay the foundation to improve
the review experience in future release cycles (e.g. by clearly
separating the initial "we're willing to redistribute this" review
from the later "this fully complies with relevant packaging policies"


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