Considering pitching a data analysis focused Fedora edition concept

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at
Mon Jul 13 06:04:36 UTC 2015

Hi folks,

I've started making some notes building towards the idea of pitching a
"Fedora Datascreen" concept to become a 4th Fedora Edition, alongside
Cloud, Server and Workstation.

Those notes are at,
but the gist of the idea is to expand the scope of Fedora Scientific
sufficiently to make it clearly applicable to anyone carrying out data
analysis using open source tools.

Since Fedora Scientific is based on KDE, this would also involve
reaching out to the folks behind the previous Fedora Plasma proposal
to seek their involvement. The Scientific Linux community would also
be another potential source of interest, since Fedora Datascreen could
potentially become a desktop counterpart to their more server focused
CentOS based environment.

I'm posting about it here on Envs & Stacks first, as the seeds of this
idea grew out of the "two audiences" I mention in

Fedora Workstation covers the "software developer" audience well, but
I don't think *any* current distro does a great job of covering the
data analysis audience.

Anyway, I'd love feedback on the idea. If I went ahead with it, I'd be
thinking something around the F25 time frame for getting a formal
proposal together - after all, any related *technical* work can be
focused around Fedora Scientific in the meantime, while subsequently
elevating it to Fedora Edition status would be more about making it
more visible to potential Fedora users.


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