Fedora Developer Portal - UX point of view

Petr Hracek phracek at redhat.com
Wed Jul 29 07:27:11 UTC 2015

Hi Mairin,

sorry for bother you with this item but I would like to ask
you If you can thing about how Fedora Developer Portal could look like.

I propose that skin or face for developer.fp.org can be used also for 
another portals
which could be defined later on.
Or even if they are already exists.

I guess that fedoraproject.org should have a common face:)

We would like to release a first version of Fedora Developer Portal in 
the middle of September
but many folks could have holidays and I guess that you too.:)

We already have a GitHub repo for mockups [1] and feel free to use it.

I would like to really thank you for your time and support.

[1] https://github.com/developer-portal/mockups


Petr Hracek
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Red Hat, Inc
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email: phracek at redhat.com

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