Fedora developer portal - proof of concept

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Tue Jul 21 14:58:20 UTC 2015

On 07/21/2015 10:48 AM, Adam Samalik wrote:
> "There is no C and C++" - Sory guys, again, the homepage is just filled up with random stuff. C and C++ will be definitely a part of the content! I promise I will use Lorem Ipsum more often to avoid these unpleasant situations :-)

I don't know if this content is similarly random then, but with the 
aforementioned target audiences in mind, I'm not sure what's up with the 
Fedora.next section (far right on the nav bar) and the content under 
that. I'm not sure of the context in which the target audience devs 
would need this info?

Another suggestion - I think the language-specific documentation was a 
core and valuable feature in the proposal but it's a bit hidden in this 
design. Under the runtimes/frameworks section on the front, maybe add a 
button for each one "More info for $LANG/FRAMEWORK developers" that 
would drive users to those lang/framework-specific pages (similar to how 
you did 'learn more' for the tools.) Having these accessible only from a 
drop-down menu obscures them a lot unfortunately.

I think the main thing the site is missing is a narrative for how/why 
you'd want to use it. I know you don't have final content, but I think 
users are really going to need more guidance to understand how/why 
they're going to use the site. I think a good next step is developing 
that narrative.

You might also get more helpful / useful feedback by reposting part of 
the proposal on the wiki here on list so folks can get more of an idea 
of the background / context around the site. It was in your footnotes 
but not everybody reads all of those :)


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