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Adam Samalik asamalik at redhat.com
Fri Jul 24 09:16:17 UTC 2015

Hi Nick,


What I'm still missing in the current prototype is the "problem to be solved" starting point - as you pointed out at the env-and-stacks meeting. For example: I want to develop a web application. The site would give me options like Django, Flask, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Jekyll,... Or even better, something more precise like deciding the type of the web app: an application with backend and database, a static site, blog or a wiki page? The tech-specific overview would show up afterwards. Suitable tools and deployment option would show up as well. What do you think?

About the session vs time zones, I haven't realized that we are literally all around the world :-)
Personally, I'm very flexible with timing and willing to do a session at (I know I will regret that at 3 AM) any time. It's very important for me to make it successful. Or we can do more than one. I will attend both/all of them.


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> Hi everyone, 
> I updated the prototype and tried apply your feedback: https://developer-phracek.rhcloud.com/ 

Very nice! 

> What I would like to do next? Ideally, if you find some time, I would like to have a session with you, people interested in this project, to discuss the content, structure and basically everything related to this. For example, I really like how the Fedora Hubs project [2] is going. If we could do something similar, even when the Fedora Developer Portal is not that big, it would be really nice. 

I'd be interested in attending a session like that (but would also understand if having Australia in the time zone mix proved impractical from the point of view of scheduling a discussion). 


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